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MW2 Strategy Guide is the most complete unauthorized guide for the multiplayer mode of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

*** Over 400 strategies / tips and growing!!! ***

This app contains real information and strategies that will help you to play the game better! It is not about callsigns and titles, it is a guide that will explain you how to improve your gameplay.

- Did you know that while you're watching the killcam you can locate the Chopper Gunner and kill him before he gets the Tactical Nuke?
- Did you know that a Harrier can shoot down almost all killstreaks, including the Chopper Gunner?
- Did you know you can shoot down an UAV with almost any weapon?
- Do you know that its possible to shot down an AC-130? And that with the right combination of Perks and weapons you can destroy a Chopper Gunner in less than 5 seconds???

* Detailed information, including strategies, tips when and how you should use:
- Killstreaks
- Deathstreaks
- Perks
- Equipment
* Description and strategies for all online game modes
* Information about the Prestige Mode, including badges and unlocks.
* No internet required

This app will not tell you a whats the best class for each map, it will explain every detail about all perks and killstreaks so you can create your own class! It will explain why you should choose the Harrier Strike instead of Attack Helicopter for your 7 killstreak, and whats the best combination to get the Tactical Nuke!

You will also find valuable information abut all game modes, including strategies for Search & Destroy, Sabotage and Domination.



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